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Stay anonymous while making bitcoin transactions. Secure your identity with most reliable Bitcoin Mixer!
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Mix Coins

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Start Mixing

Mixing service fee is 0.5% to avoid third parties find similarities in bitcoin transactions done by you.

Minimum amount to mix: 0.001 BTC

There is no maximum limit, because of Coinjoin mixing system.

Set a custom time delay until coins will be transfered to your bitcoin address:


How Bitcoin Mixer Works

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Input Your Receiving Bitcoin Address

Before you can successfully mix your coins, you need to provide the Bitcoin destination address.

Ensure that the address is correct so that the mixing process is not stalled by any extra second.

bitcoin mixing service

Send Bitcoin to the Mixer Address

Send needed amount of BTC you intend to mix. Note that the minimum amount you can mix is 0.001 BTC. To get your coins into the mixer, you need to send them to the mixer address where they will ultimately be mixed.

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Receive Clean and Untraceable Bitcoins

The final stage of the mixing process is when you receive your clean coins.

Our mixing service always holds untraceable Bitcoins so you can rest assured that you are covered anytime.

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Why Choose Best Bitcoin Mixer

No Logs

Your anonymity is our priority. Our privacy policies are designed to shield your identity. Besides, we delete your transaction history 48 hours after your order has been successfully executed.

Untraceable mixing

Our mixer cannot be listed by blockchain analysis or other forms of research. As a result, all your coins are protected and untraceable.

Secured connection

All our servers are impenetrable and are placed in unique data centers which allow us to stay immune to attacks.

Low fees

Our service fees range from 0.5% which apply with a regular use of our service.


Visit website using TOR Browser which adequately encrypts all your transactions and location so that none of your information goes out there.

No Registration

Our mixing service has no need for any personal data or private information. Thus, you do not have to create an account to mix your coins with us.

Your Question

Bitcoin mixing involves mixing your coins with those of other users via a mixing service in order to remain anonymous and enjoy secure transactions. When you choose to mix, tumble, or shuffle your coins using a third-party system, you sign up for privacy and completely untraceable purchases, donations, and exchanges.

The timing of the mixing process depends on your preferred custom delay. Custom delays generally span from Instant to 1200 minutes. Hence, you can always set your custom delay to fit your needs at the time of the transaction.

With three network confirmations, the Bitcoin mixer will allow your transaction to pass.

An incoming address is valid for up to 48 hours after which the user will need to provide another address. This validity period is designed such that you can only use it for multiple transactions.

You can use a incoming address for multiple transactions.

The smallest amount you can mix using the mixing service is 0.001 BTC. Anything less than 0.001 BTC will be accepted as a donation.

What is Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)?

Bitcoin Mixer allows you to mix your BTC and protect your identity. This service specializes in making you and your Bitcoin transactions anonymous. We take you a step forward by making Bitcoin’s pseudo-anonymity a case of true and complete anonymity.

Mixing your Bitcoin with Bitcoin Mixer entails sending your preferred amount of BTC to our pool where coins from different users are mixed. You need to provide correct receiving address so that the mixing process is smooth. Also, our website interface is easy-to-use and TOR-friendly. 

In addition, at the completion of the mixing process, you receive new and clean coins which have not been tainted in any form. Our untraceable Bitcoins allow you to make purchases and send money to your friends and loved ones without your cover being blown. Mixing your Bitcoins also takes away the stress of hacks and attacks.

At the peak of our service is our willingness to offer you anonymous and secure Bitcoin transactions. Our state-of-the-art technology provides maximum support for privacy and speed, so that you never have to doubt our authenticity. 

Our clients are happy with our mixing service and they are confident about all their transactions. Start mixing your coins with Bitcoin Mixer and experience the hassle-free process of Bitcoin blending. 

Bitcoin Mixer Reviews

Mixing my coins with Tumbler has been a splendid experience. I never have to worry about being watched or monitored by internet thieves. The anonymity level is great.



Your website interface is easy-to-use. I had no difficulty placing an order and setting my time delay. I am also pleased with the fact that I do not have to create an account.

Phillip P.

bitcoin enthusiast

Outstanding service! It is my first time mixing Bitcoin and the tumbling experience was smooth. Thank you for the straightforward instructions on how to mix my BTC.